Enter a world of theatrical entertainment by booking us for your next event.


Combining a mix of dance, acrobatics and strength our highly skilled aerialists can perform up to 50 feet in the air.

Electric Ballerinas

Ballerinas are beautiful but electric ballerinas take things to the next level. They light up in any color combination to fit with your event. 

Fire Dancers

Fire breathers, fire jugglers, fire eaters, fire hoop... enough said.

Stilt Walkers

Standing up to 12 feet high this is one way to make your event larger than life. 

Full Productions

We offer production packages with completely original story lines and choreographed stage performances told through dance, aerial arts and acrobatics.

Contortionists, Acrobats & Dancers

Contortion, acrobatics, breakdancers, ballerinas, go-go dances, ballroom dancers and so many more.

Character Actors

Have you ever seen a real life mermaid? What about a larger than life mistletoe? We have....

Burlesque Dancers

Delicately choreographed performances of seduction and fantasies.


Not exactly what you are looking for? Contact us to design a custom experience.